June 18th, 2010


The Accent Game!

In the most recent episode of AsCast, we learned that Caspian would be losing his controversial accent in the Voyage the Dawn Treader film. There has been speculation as to whether the film would address this mysterious change, and if so, how. This seems like the perfect opportunity from some crackfic, and dare I say it, commentfic. Yes friends, I am inviting you to commentfic, for all that there are only four of you reading my posts. Here is where I admit that my hatred of Livejournal has almost completely dissolved, and I have indeed become a LJ girl. Good Lord.

So, I invite you to speculate with me. A ficlet addressing Caspian's accent -- or lack thereof. It can be any scene, anywhere, any characters. How do they bring up the topic? Will Caspian say it himself? Or perhaps other characters just whisper behind his back? The more crack, the better.

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