February 1st, 2011


Velasquez Victory

Junior seminar is a required class offered every semester by a different professor. It usually focuses on one artist, any artist from any period, and lining up a good artist to match your concentration basically depends on luck with your credits/schedule. Given the overwhelming amount of modern art focus in the program, I could have ended up with someone *really* lame and stupidly famous like Jackson Pollock, but I got WAAAAAAAY lucky and ended up with Velasquez. SCORE. He's perfect! A transitional figure and Spanish, which is juuuuuust right for me because Spanish art is something that's always covered in a class or two but not in depth, because the bigger picture is usually biased toward the Italian and French. So it will be challenging but with enough relatable material that I won't be frazzled. I am SO happy.

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