March 29th, 2011


She lives! Sort of

Yes I am alive, yes I am still miserable, yes I have spend half my spring break abed and ill. RAWR. But I finished editing that Ascast ep! I am (sort of) half done with my Inferno paper. I have spent the last four days watching Grey's anatomy episodes and feeling crappy. BUT. I did discover this:

(I think I previously had a favorite short film that I adored, but it's been totally obliterated from my mind. DOES GOD PLAY FOOTBALL HOLY OMFG.)

A young Kevin McKidd runs arounds around in a priest cassock, and stars alongside Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy) and the cutest kid in the whole freaking world. Really. And did I mention it contains every single fannish kink I have? REALLY. I almost feel like this little short was made explicitly for my own personal fangirl joy! It is loaded with adorableness and rife with visual symbolism, and shot in this pefect vintage style where I would totally believe it was made in 1993, not 2003. Um, you should totally watch it. I've watched it like five times and still can't get enough.

Also while I was sick I watched the Percy Jackson movie. I would have done this sooner if I had known his Scottish hotness had also graced it! (And LOL Adam, what were you doing there? Are there SPN vids for this?!) The whole concept of the series still annoys me, but um, Kevin looks fab in that scaly armor and skirt. Yum.