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A Young Susan Takes a Moment Early in the Golden Age

A Young Susan Takes a Moment Early in the Golden Age

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Lizzie Siddal
It's always a bad idea for me to go browsing through web galleries late at night. Especially 19th century ones. But look what I found!

-Herbert James Draper, "A young girl by a pool"

I am in love with this image! Serene and lovely and such a moment of peace! What stresses of new monarchy sent you to this quiet pool, Susan? Maybe Aslan will appear in the golden water and counsel you. I love the posture (so young!) and the expression (so old!). And those brushstrokes! lkjasfoi; Cair Paravel gardens. Lovely!
  • Ahhh, this is very pleasant from what else is in the inbox this morning. Lovely, lovely, lovely LARM.
    • Art in the inbox! That should be the title of a poem! I love this piece because even if I didn't think it was Susan (but it totally is!), it the peaceful moment is so clear that the the painting because a peaceful moment itself. Which is awesome.
  • SO PRETTY. omg you should *always* go searching through web galleries late at night. That Narnian Lady Godiva? This? so so so perfect.

    it looks like she's praying but also like she's just sitting and enjoying the quiet and the air and I LOVE it.

    and the colors! it's so soft and feminine but strong at the same time with the lines of it - perfection for Susan, obviously
    • LOLZ I think I am driven to web galleries after overdosing on Tumbler and contemporary graphics art. Peaceful! Beautiful! Her short hair!

      For me, this painting has a strong direction coming from the left, where it cuts off. I feel like the there's a whole story implied! It's in my head more than the actual piece, but I can't help feeling like there's something narrative behind her that's just not shown.
  • Susan!

    I want to know what she's thinking about. She looks so peaceful.
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