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um I think I am working too hard

um I think I am working too hard

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Okay, so finals started last week and I have been CRUNCHING trying to juggle final portfolios, essay writing, Italian verbs, enormously time-gobbling long shifts at my annoying retail job, and all the slides I need to cram down my throat. In short, I have not been sleeping much. But I'm thinking that maybe it's become a problem, because during the Dutch exam, this slide came up and... um, I think I started hallucinating.

A. Bosschaert the Elder, Flowers in a Glass, 1606

During the test I was supposed to be writing about this, but while I was looking at it and trying to glean out significant details, I started to see a face in the flowers. An angry one. In the middle there, where the two yellow flowers are. And a cat-eye thingy that looks like a nose? And that white lily that could be a puckered mouth, with that weird yellow-orange bud that sort of like an angry upturned cigar? And the leaves of eyebrows that are so disapprovingly intense?

Anyway, I started freaking myself out over the angry face that didn't exist and those yellow flowers were possibly shifting into the eyes of Azazel, and the four minutes we have per slide was ticking away, I had written nothing, and it would have been a REALLY GOOD TIME to pull a peppermint out of my pocket and chill out, but I didn't have one.

I got through the rest of the test okay, but now I am going to nap and hope that when I wake up I can no longer see Angry Azazel. Happy break to those who are done, and if you are still knee-deep, I recommend the Hercules soundtrack for a burst of encouragement. Go the distance baby!
  • Have a peppermint. When do you finish???
    • Not til Thursdayyyyy! I have italiano tonight and now I'm eating up verbs like a Hungry Hippo. Except they are going eveywhere but my brain.

      Peppermints are *so* going to be my new go to candy. Eustace!! Best of all, they don't melt in your hand/pocket, which I suppose makes them a very sensible and suitable candy for il ragazzo dragon. And for desert hopping Mary. And for people taking exams.
  • ...I see it too. D:

    Anyway, it's all over soon, right? THEN YOU CAN SLEEP UNTIL YOU AREN'T TIRED ANYMORE. Also I just listened to AsCast 15 and LOLOLOL LARM YOU ARE HILARIOUS. I especially liked your rant on Liliandil.
    • Sleeeeeeeep omg. What is that again?

      LOLOLZ I was cracked out during that episode! So tired from work and all the workkkk. Also I recorded that episode hiding in the bathtub with my laptop because my apartmentmates were being super loud everywhere else. Totally contributed to the silliness. <3333

      Re: Liliandidallinidilani is *such* a pain omg. I know you were on board for her being the wise woman guide, but Pandoran Barbie is anything but. DULCEA OMG.
      • You pass out and hallucinate for eight hours! IT IS LOVELY.

        How can you be against her when she turns Caspian down and has power and, okay, the blue glowing thing is a little weird, but IF LUCY WISHES ON A STAR IT'S GONNA BE HER AND THAT MEANS MORE FEMSLASH.

        (What are your feelings on Caspian/Edmund?)
        • When I was like 9, my friend bit into one of those crack-and-glow plastic necklaces you get at roller disco. Her mouth glowed for a day and she had a bitter chemical taste in her mouth for like a week after. (They also had to call poison control.) LILIANDILLADILALA IS THAT GLOWING BITTER TASTE IN MY MOUTH. When I see her onscreen I forget that I like Ramandu's daughter in the book -- now *she* has cool mysticism and sort-of wisdom. Ladilladinala does like nothing besides stand there and phosphoresce pointlessly.
          • D: No she also helps save the world!!!! DD:
            • Also I can totally get on board with Edmund/Caspian in the book, though of course I am primarily a Lucian endorser. But Edmund Caspian could absolutely work (also it is WAY more reasonable than Caspian/Peter). As they say in niche fandom, aka my head, Edmund is Caspian's brother, but Peter is his role model.

              In the film they ruined both because reversing the Caspian-Pevensie condescension invalidates all the reason I like my beloved VDT pairings anyway. The film's awkward attempt at a Caspian/Edmund bromance was so so fail too.
              • Edmund/Caspian in the book is so old school and bittersweet and kind of all the things I love about Lucian but with a slightly different twist. This time around Caspian is less "Pevensies! ****___****" and more of an equal with them--he's older, for one, so they are of an age, and he's started to get his kingship on.

                Lolol the film's ~longing looks~ are amazing. Also Caspian's "EDMUND!" every time Ed is in trouble. I kinda was okay with it? Idk. HATEHATEHATE the assassination of Ed's character and Caspian's sudden nobility though.
  • <3333 you can do it! You will beat the odds! :DD

    ...I see the face now, too. And it is ANGRY, goodness.

    And now it's time for a game I like to call - Surviving Finals!


    Ben and Georgie want you to know that they ship Lucian and also they think you are super cool.

    Also they want you to check out their parallel 'wtf' poses of leaning away from Liliandil here.

    Pretty movie is pretty.

    And Aslan is roaring at your finals to make them go away :D


      P.S. I totally got our room like yesterday or the day before but forgot to tell you because the days are blurrrring together like the facial features of Flowerzazel. SF HERE WE COME OMGEEEE! WOOT!
      • <333333 OMG YAAAAAAY ALKSEJAPOJ and I got the order invoice on the tickets today, so we definitely for sure one hundred percent have those! IN ONE MONTH WE WILL BE SANDWICHED WITH JENSEN AND JARED :DDDDDDDDD
  • Not hallucinating; first thing I saw in that pic was the eyes.
    • Thank you! It is super creeptastic and the effect is totally enhanced by sleep deprivation. Crazy plant eyes are no fun!
  • peppermints are *so* going to be my new go to candy. Eustace!! Best of all, they don't melt in your hand/pocket, which I suppose makes them a very sensible and suitable candy for il ragazzo dragon. And for desert hopping Mary. And for people taking exams.

    With a shuddering wheeze, the camel dropped to her knees and collapsed in a cloud of dust. “Well, damn,” Mary muttered. With a final gasp, the camel breathed her last, poor thing. Mary had thought the beast look to be ailing when she’d picked her up at the souk outside of El Cuasc, but she’d been the healthiest of the lot.

    Digging into the pocket of her thobe, Mary rolled a humbug between her fingers and considered her options. She had six peppermints, a tube of anchovy paste, a full canteen, a compass, and a knapsack full of crocodile teeth. The question was whether to head south, toward the Jarabub Oasis, and hope she could find it in the dark, or try to back track toward For Maddalena. Asim had said he would find her either at Jarabub or Siwa, so south it was.

    Mary tied the wrap more closely about her head and set off. It was only about 30 miles, give or take, following the dragon’s teeth reinforced concrete fortifications that dotted the dirt road. Some poor sod of an Axis engineer had set them here to keep the Eighth Army’s tanks away, only to discover that no one could get tanks through the Qattara Depression regardless.

    She’d been walking several hours, and took a mouthful of water to wash away the anchovy taste. It was going to be a long night. She heard the truck long before she saw it. She ducked around one of the dragon’s teeth, but she could tell from the sound that it was a Chevrolet. Which meant it was the LRDG. She hoped it was one of the New Zealand reconnaissance groups who were handling radio communications – then she could get word to Asim that her camel had died and that she was running out of humbugs.

    There were two men in the truck –British commandos of the Long Range Desert Group from the look, headed south, just where she wanted to go. Mary jumped out from the concrete barrier. “Oi! Boys, how about a lift!”

    They were so shocked, they almost drove off the dirt road.

    The passenger leaped out, yelling in a very surprised and undignified way. Still, he made for a very impressive sight. In the shorts, head scarf, and goggles of the typical LRDG commando, he really did look quite dashing, in a sunburnt sort of way. He was filthy, which Mary approved of.

    She quickly bit into a humbug. If she was going to be riding with a handsome desert commando in an open truck outfitted with anti-tank guns, she didn’t want fish breath.

    “What the bloody hell are you doing here?” the man shouted. He was really a very fine specimen in Mary’s opinion. A little weedy for her taste, but otherwise very acceptable. His legs and arms were darkly tanned and very muscular; he had fearsome scars running down his face. She could not tell if the mark on his forearm was a tattoo or dirt. She hoped it was a tattoo.

    “My camel died,” Mary said calmly. “Might I have a lift to Jarabub? I’m meeting someone there.”

    The commando pulled up his googles so that they perched, askew, in his golden blond hair. (Or, it would have been golden blond if not caked with Saharan sand). “Your camel died?” he repeated.

    “Yes, poor thing. Might I have a lift?”

    “Oi! Tebbitt!” the driver yelled. “And you, Lady! Get in the truck or we’ll never make it on time to Jarabub to meet Major al-Masri!”

    “How convenient!” Mary replied. “I am going to meet him as well.” She held out her hand. “Peppermint, Mr. Tebbitt?”


      omg omg I SO need to catch up on AW. Your characters make me SO HAPPY.
      • Thanks! this is where the peppermints came from. And Eustace, in the Library, with the Bibles. It's not very good, but it is descriptive of dirty, gorgeous Tebbitt and peppermints which is what LARM wanted!
        • I asked for Tebbitt to come rescue Mary in a helicopter with Lowrey riding in the backseat. Rth is a genius and magician who transformed that desperate cracky plea into this slice of absolute awesome. A VERY FINE SPECIMEN YES YES YES. PEPPERMINTTTTTTT.
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