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She lives! Sort of

She lives! Sort of

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Yes I am alive, yes I am still miserable, yes I have spend half my spring break abed and ill. RAWR. But I finished editing that Ascast ep! I am (sort of) half done with my Inferno paper. I have spent the last four days watching Grey's anatomy episodes and feeling crappy. BUT. I did discover this:

(I think I previously had a favorite short film that I adored, but it's been totally obliterated from my mind. DOES GOD PLAY FOOTBALL HOLY OMFG.)

A young Kevin McKidd runs arounds around in a priest cassock, and stars alongside Helen McCrory (Narcissa Malfoy) and the cutest kid in the whole freaking world. Really. And did I mention it contains every single fannish kink I have? REALLY. I almost feel like this little short was made explicitly for my own personal fangirl joy! It is loaded with adorableness and rife with visual symbolism, and shot in this pefect vintage style where I would totally believe it was made in 1993, not 2003. Um, you should totally watch it. I've watched it like five times and still can't get enough.

Also while I was sick I watched the Percy Jackson movie. I would have done this sooner if I had known his Scottish hotness had also graced it! (And LOL Adam, what were you doing there? Are there SPN vids for this?!) The whole concept of the series still annoys me, but um, Kevin looks fab in that scaly armor and skirt. Yum.
  • And here, for a WEEK, I've had Tebbitt spouting poetry at Mrs. Caspian in letters no less, written I am sure in a beautiful hand, and writing of wishing to dwell in her palace forever and you say nothing? NOTHING?? Gawd, where are your priorities. Maybe I'll go change Chapter 9 and instead we'll have him quoting nursery rhymes on a piece of grimy notebook paper with a number 2 pencil. Don't think I won't do it!! I've been waiting to hear your assessment of the quality of the paper and ink. And in my LJ fic we have angst and fatherless, out of wedlock babies and still more angst (but alas, no love triangle). And based on that Ana wrote about Aslan getting coshed with a candlestick.

    I can still kill Lowrey and Tebbitt. I will. I CAN. I killed Guy. I killed Merle and Jina and Leszi and Lambert and Briony and I'm killing Richard. MWHAAAAAA!

    Seriously, I hope you are feeling better and on your feet again soon. It iis lovely to hear from you.
    • Rth, I am pretty sure you were talking threats about Lowrey's chance at a long and fruitful dynasty, but I swear I saw we'll have him quoting nursery rhymes on a piece of grimy notebook paper with a number 2 pencil and now I just want Tebbitt toddler fic! Was he called Reggie? Did he protect his sisters from bullies? Did he play knights and princesses with them? DID THEY DRESS HIM UP AND CALL HIM CLAUDIA?! Did he run around in country fields with his arms out like airplane wings?! DID HE CLOUD WATCH AND MAKE UP PROFOUND NURSERY RHYMES ABOUT THE MEANING OF LIFE? WAS HIS ABSENT FATHER A PILOT?! Did he wear suspenders with adorable little boy shorts and socks? DID HE HAVE A LISP OR A STUTTER THAT HE GREW OUT OF BY READING POETRY OUT LOUD? TEBBITT!TOT FIC, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?
    • There will be no children of Tebbitt and Susan fic because he will be a broken, smelly alcoholic. The TEBBITT!TOT FIC will have him mucking out cow barns in oversized wellies. More to the point of Chapter 9 of AW, his letters to Mrs. Caspian will not be filled with tender, double meaning quotations from Donne that are written on creamy stationery with dark India ink fountain pens, but on grimy notebook paper with number 2 lead pencils and tea stains and reek of sour liquor and socks.

      Assuming of course he's not dead after passing out on a rail car line in Northwest DC after a bender.
    • And speaking of Tebbitt, Guy, Mary, Richard, and Susan climbing file cabinets,
      Tebbitt is in a leather jacket and riding a motorcycle
  • <333333333

    omg I will watch this when it is not 1 in the morning, but I loooove him so much, and I am so nervous for the musical Grey's ep but HE IS SINGING OMG AND HE'S GOOD

    also I just watched Percy Jackson for the first time tonight, what a beautiful coincidence, and I mostly wasn't paying attention because there was tequila, but I watched all the parts he was on screen!

    And ROOOOOME I am replying to your comment here because I am lazy but omg the second I realized he was in it I DIED he is so freaking perfect what even is he oh god I cannot wait to watch more of that show and you should watch it too!

    <333 I'm glad you live. You will kill that Inferno paper!
    • Like ZOMG (literally) you totes need to watch it! I am on SUCH a Kevin kick right now, it's pathetic. I went back to S5 and watched his initial episodes and srsly it is impossible not to love this man.

      re: Percy Jackson, I am still total LOLZ over the fact that Michael!Adam popped up in full on archangel mode!! Did you catch that line where he was like, "If you catch my dad on the road to hell, tell him hi for me." ?!?!? AND THEN HIGHWAY TO HELL PLAYED, I MCKIDD YOU NOT. LIKE WHERE ARE THE VIDS FOR THIS, IT'S PRICELESS.

      Rome. I am so texting my mom about that like riiiiiight now. LOL the Inferno paperback is sitting next to me and I am steadfastly ignoring it.
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