Suck it, Livejournal! I have tamed you!

I spent the better part of a week beating this layout into submission. It's still not as nice as I'd like, but it's about as close as I can come without actually eating my laptop out of frustration. Seriously - this was such a freaking headache that I'm never touching LJ code again if at all possible. Why does LJ pack all this useless stuff into your page? What is a Memory and why the heck do I need one? Grr. But, sigh of relief, it's done and looks reasonable. The painting is The Fighting Temeraire tugged to her last Berth to be broken up by Turner.

Pocahontas, sort of.

So, here is where I talk about how much I love Pocahontas. A few weeks (months) ago I fell in love with Disney's Pocahontas all over again - so beautiful! so powerful! arresting! - and it's officially my favorite of the Disney animated masterpieces. Don't get me wrong; Hercules still gets Best Music, Lion King is Best All-Around, and Honorable Mention to Aladdin. But Pocahontas has something uniquely other about it - more grown up themes, actual death (done beautifully, btw), and some really powerful themes. Plus, they don't end up together, stirring the dreams of my shipping heart. Never mind all that though - I'll extol the virtues of Pocahontas another time. What I want to do now is point out how many rth nods that movie contains. Wow! Seriously, the awesomeness of rth is so present in my head that I see everything with different eyes. Such fantastic writing becomes a really strong influence. And it's not just me! Behold the screencaps (poor quality, but does the trick):

Cute, cuddling otters? WTF?!

As they splashed around, all I could think was, "Vicious bastards!"

Rude hummingbird. Pffbbbt.

Well, of course there's summa dat.

Swimming with otters! Gahh!

And the kicker. Pure rth.

See?! Really, it's not me. It's there. So cheers to the brilliant rthstewart , who is awesome and makes me see her writing everywhere! I'm sure once I read BRD this effect will double. Or triple. <3

Testing it out

I am terrifically bad at managing Livejournal - what a confusing mess of things to balance! - but it seems that there is a whole bunch of underground NFFR-ness here, so I will cork my complains and try to groove. It's not so bad! But don't expect much to show up here - for any serious blogging or thinking, I've got a lovely website here that looks a lot cooler than this page. Mostly, I just wanted to be able to comment on Irish's naughty version of the latest chapter of Like the Touch of Rain.